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TC Energy Community Investment Application

Please read the following Host Agreement before completing the form below.

Section 1 - Introduction

Criteria for Funding

Under the terms of the Town of Greater Napanee-TC Energy Host Agreement (Town-TCE Agreement), to be eligible for funding applicants must meet the following criteria:

    1. Aligns with one or more of TC Energy’s focus areas of safety, community or the environment, or other areas acceptable to TC Energy.
    2. Aligns with the current focus of the Town of Greater Napanee which includes: health and well-being; personal safety and security; environment and sustainability; recreation; housing, arts, culture and heritage.
    3. Visible in the community, easy to recognize the benefit and to communicate the contribution locally.
    4. Creates positive and broad impacts on the community.
    5. Addresses an identified need of and benefits the community.
    6. The lead organization involved in the project must be community based and must have been in existence in the community (or have a parent organization that has been in existence) for at least three (3) years prior to applying for funding.

Additional Background

During 2015 with the support of the Town and TC Energy, the Napanee District Community Foundation undertook its first Vital Signs study – a snap shot of the current key priorities of the community as well as a ranking by residents of how well the community is doing to address these priorities. 

While all of these priorities are important to the community, residents responding to a Vital Signs survey indicated that a large majority felt the community is doing either an excellent or good job with four of the priority issues  - health and well-being; personal safety and security; environment and sustainability; and arts, culture and heritage.  However, fewer survey respondents were satisfied with the way the community is addressing housing and recreation.

Based on the results of this study, at the present time the Town’s key focus will be on housing and recreation, while TC Energy’s current Community Investment criteria focuses on:


TC Energy is committed to the safety and wellbeing of the communities near our operations and fund initiatives that enable emergency personnel to respond quickly and effectively to local needs and focus on emergency preparedness, accident prevention and education and training.


TC Energy is committed to building strong and vibrant communities and supports organizations and initiatives that bring communities together, develop leadership and engage citizens.


TC Energy is committed to protecting the environment and works with national and local organizations to conserve important habitat, protect species at risk and educate individuals about the importance of the environment.


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